India's Biggest women in Tech Conference

March 16 and 17th 2023 | Bangalore

In the biggest meeting of women Tech leaders from across the domain, women professionals from the industry and academia will come together for The Rising.

The conference will serve as a forum for exchange for building a better idea for women participating in STEM and will also highlight the achievements and career interests of women in technology sector.


The conference is open to all — including early stage professionals from the academia and senior industry professionals working in technology field.

One can find unique opportunities to grow her community, network and understand how to sustain their careers in this ever-evolving field.

We are in the process of finalizing the agenda. Please check back this space again.

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  • Day 1

    March 16 2023

  • With accelerated growth and increase in demand for digital, data & AI skills globally, diverse talent and inclusive workplaces fuel the biggest and brightest innovations. Evidence suggests that gender diversity, particularly among leadership positions, drives increased productivity & profitability. But in reality, the representation of women in these emerging fields & leadership roles is very low. Join this session to learn from the experiences & journey of a data leader.
    Hall 1 - Keynotes & Panels

  • Nuances of a career restart Learning the art of networking and the importance of upskilling to get back to work As organisations, how far we have come & how much more to go | road ahead for a woman returning to work Corporate returnship programs; flexible policies
    Hall 1 - Keynotes & Panels

  • Understanding an organisation's culture & how power dynamic informs work culture Navigating contours of power at work & developing interpersonal skills Challenging traditional power structures and building more transparency How male advocates play in addressing these challenges Importance of role models to help women to get ahead
    Hall 1 - Keynotes & Panels

  • Day 2

    March 17th 2023

  • Gendered views on work-life balance Is 'having it all' overrated? Challenges women face as working mothers Making work-life balance a reality for women by organisations Best practices to navigate the workforce while building families
    Hall 1 - Keynotes & Panels

  • End to end journey of digital transformation in an organization - starting from the factors triggering the transformation, digital readiness as an antecedent to the transformation and the adoption of digital initiatives in an organization.
    Hall 1 - Keynotes & Panels

  • Katalyst India is an award-winning NGO that stands for the economic and social empowerment of women. Katalyst started in 2007 with the intent of liberating young women through the pursuit of STEM education. The initiative prepares young women for leadership roles, thereby creating a wider talent pool and helping bridge the gender divide. Katalyst achieves this objective through a blend of unique development interventions, including our 600-hour proprietary and scientifically researched curriculum. Over their four years in the program, we also provide one-to-one mentorship, access to best-in-class technology, assistance with internships, and world-class industry exposure and corporate interactions. Katalyst has directly impacted over 1200 girls with its alumni in prestigious companies and pursuing higher education in India and overseas and in Civil Services such as IRS. It has been recognised internationally with Awards from the UK, USA, Australia and Asia. More details are available at, Katalyst story, and Katalyst Yearbook Winds of Change 2022. To know about our impact, visit the link: Katalyst Impact Report 2021
    Hall 2 - Tech Talks

  • The onset of COVID-19 accelerated many companies to build digital businesses to overcome pandemic- induced disruptions and address shifts in customer behavior. It's important to understand the fundamental building blocks which enable integration of digital tools and technology to bend productivity curve, create a better customer experience, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. As executive leader one must focus on key areas to a build a strong digital enterprise with immediate digital investments for acceleration . As an individual how to contribute to the enterprise and ride the technology wave.
    Hall 2 - Tech Talks

  • Defining diversity & what it means to you Workplace diversity is more than just hiring women | thinking beyond gender and race Dissecting organisational culture How top leaders can set the proper tone and create an inclusive culture Policies & practices to create an environment for inclusion
    Hall 1 - Keynotes & Panels

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